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Californian Poppies, (Help)?
Californian poppies are typically annuals, though late season sowings will overwinter and flower..., before their leaves break through the surface. Overall, I recommend Californian Poppies as one of the easiest to grow plants, requiring minimal effort, and because...
are californians more nicer than new yorkers?
Californians are caught up in a car culture. Their little world begins and ends in... always aware of others and respect them. They are much nicer than Californians, although some Californians, those living around Mendocino, for instance, around Big...
Californian teenagers??
Californian young adults and teenagers are typically narcisistic, shallow, lack...
Any good californian recipes?
..., I'm from San Diego, so I guess I eat Californian cuisine quite often. What I love about California cuisine ...
Californians: Pro or Anti Prop 34?
The more Californians know about the death penalty, the more they support Prop 34. For the ...
I'm a Californian moving to texas?
Most Californians gravitate towards Austin. The climate and geography is fairly similar...
What's wrong with Californians?
I'm a Californian, myself... and I have to admit- I...the same sh*t all over again (the same rude behavior...). Californians are just like Parisians in ...
What color variation are my Californian rabbits?
Californians only come with black points.. But, oftentimes young ones will have much lighter ..... Their points come in different colors.. Here are some Californians
Do Any Other People feel this way about Californians?
Californians are definitely passive aggressive, while New Yorkers tend to be in your face. ... Yorkers are more class conscious (you know when someone makes more money than you); Californians are more laid back (the guy at the sushi bar in shorts and sandals could be a...
Can you tame californian eating rabbits?
Certainly Californian rabbits can make good pets, I have two presently that are...