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Believers and unbelievers: If you could travel through time, where would you go?
I'd go back to about 14 months ago and try not to do the same mistake I made then, that is still poisining my life day after day. (((Blueiis)))
What should the official snack of R&S be?
Hebrew National hot dogs.
Which Bible character would you NOT want to move next door to you?
Rahab. I don't need anyone cutting into my business.
What kind of candy bar would Jesus like?
A Walnut Whip. He sticks his tongue in that and he will be in heaven. A Sinai Bar, ten pieces of creamy choc that commands an audience. Nazareth Crunch Bar, One bite and you're...
As you are standing before a firing squad: What are your last words?
Hopefully, I could tell my kids one last time that I love them and I'm proud of them.
If there is ice cream in heaven, what flavor will be there?
It's gonna be either cheesecake-flavored, or that apple pie chunk kind. Damn. Now I wish I could die and go to Heaven LOL. (Hiya, sweetie!)
Athiests, blueiis believes in God so why don't you?
Well then I believe, too! heehee (((TJ))) You are so silly. :)
Believers and unbelievers: Where do you live?
New York City.
Was Elvis Presley a Christian?
If you asked him prior to his death, I'm sure he'd reply, "Yes, I am a Christian." So I'm gonna say, Yes. He was a Christian. I see no reason to contradict what I...
Do you think there's a curse on the Yamster?
Look at you signing your name! Kudos! It made answering this question a no-brainer for me. Now...regarding curses. I don't believe in supernatural garbage of that sort. But if we're talking about a...