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Bestfriend Question?
hmmmmm a bestfriend is hard to find a bestfriend to me is like the cool parents...true meaning of true friendship i just found my k-6th grade bestfriend and we cried when we seen each other our parents didnt...
i like my bestfriend?
you are bestfriends. if you tell her how you really feel, make sure that a filler to that hole in your heart that your bestfriend should be filling up? If you love her...
I hate my bestfriend.?
Simply then... she is not your bestfriend. you don't have to tell her, just stop ... such a whore, correct? I've always have a bestfriend who was "the hottest chick" "the...
My bestfriend is moving?
Once a bestfriend,always a bestfriend.but that doesn't mean that she is with.based on my experience,eventhough I have a bestfriend that is away,bt I have managed to find new bestfriends...
Got ignored by bestfriend?
Being ignored by your bestfriend is not the end of your world. At some point in time, you have...
Bestfriends Girl - (so insecure.!)?
Sounds like your bestfriends girl is a little green eyed monster! ...she still proceeds to annoy you, tell your bestfriend to have a word with her, she will understand. ...
A bestfriend is someone who is very special to you. Someone who you tell...
my bestfriend is becoming annoying?
I find my bestfriend annoying too, but that was a long time ago now, since...good sides of her since she is your bestfriend. Also, making her a letter would help alot...
My bestfriend moved... Help?
Your bestfriend is probably a young person, and young people go through stages as they grow...
Girls with Guy Bestfriends!?
I have a guy bestfriend, who turned out to be gay, but we were bestfriends...would wanna know his brother or sister I would wanna know his bestfriend or anyone who means a lot to him.