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Bernie Sanders and Wife Investigated For Fraud!?
Highlighting Bernie's background demonstrates quite clearly that Democrats are...obsession-with-underage-sex . .
Do you really believe the Bernie's vision will come true?
Bernie is senile. I mean the whole idea is wrong in so many ways...
MB FAM: Why does everyone miss Bernie Mac but not Michael Jackson?
Bernie Mac was an awesome actor. Even though he died young, ... Men, & much more! Both Wacko Jacko and Bernie died at the same age, but we all know that Bernie is truly the...
Politics;call to all Bernie supporters?
I am a Bernie supporter with no voting rights (as I am not from ... stupid than I've thought. When I saw Bernie supporters I thought they were the smartest...
Would Bernie Sanders be President if the Media wasn't out of Control?
Bernie Sanders would be president if the Media wasn't so in the tank for.... She never deserved the level of coverage she got and Bernie Sanders was filling stadiums and Clinton couldn...
Why Liberal Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is Silent as Barack Obama Destroying the Social Security Funding?
I love Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and I also admire and love our democratically...
Your reaction if Bernie Sanders win President?
My reaction to if Bernie Sanders wins the presidency would be celebration. Hundreds of...
Is it too late for Bernie to run as an independent?
Bernie stated, at the beginning of his run, that he would not run as...consider is that if Democrats can retake control of the Senate, Bernie and Elizabeth Warren will probably be the two most important ...
Who was the better baseball player between Bernie Williams and Johnny Damon?
Bernie Williams was the better ballplayer. Better overall hitter and a much better his entire career - Runs and stolen bases in 2000, and triples in 2002 Bernie had a great run from 1996-2002 when he made the all star game 5 times, won 4 gold...
Should Bernie Williams have filed for free angency or retired as A Yankee?
Bernie is a Yankee!! Mickey Mantle, Don ...contract, good, if not retire. My only concern would be that in my humble opinion Bernie would need 300 career home runs and 2500 career hits to give him...