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Ted Cruz Bernie sanders Donald trump or Hilary Clinton?
Which is worse? Bernie Madoff or the US Government?
.... People could choose to not invest with Bernie. Blessed, you need a bit of a reality likely as taxes going away. "what Bernie Madoff did was wrong. he ...
Bernie Sanders isn't even a real candidate?
Bernie is running to switch to a spot as a third party candidate. The election will be Bernie Sanders vs. the Republican vs. the Democrat vs. possibly Jim Webb
Why all the money for Bernie Mac. Is this the right example for parents?
It's an easy answer. Bernie Mac is owed billions from the government for his...
Bernie Mac show questions ?
... you probably should go to Hulu and watch at least one episode. But Bernie and Wanda are the aunt and uncle of the children, you may know...
So why was Vermont Senator Bernie sanders in such a hurry?
Bernie had some things in that amendment that he had hoped to keep secret until after the vote. Bernie did not want those things to become public knowledge before the vote.
Dang bernie mac died?
Bernie Mac always had old school playing on his show. ... The World." The groove & the message are very Bernie Mac.
Who can give me 10 questions and answers about bernie williams?
Trivia, you mean? - Did Bernie ever win a Gold Glove? * Yes... country was Williams born in? * Bernie was born in Puerto Rico...
Bernie Mac Is Dead?!?
Yes... "Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia... was not related to the disease. R.I.P. Bernie!
Bernie is wiping the floor with Hillary in the latest polls?
Bernie is the real deal. I will be voting for him in the primary, the GOP is a joke. Bernie has it in the bag.