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Politics;call to all Bernie supporters?
I am a Bernie supporter with no voting rights (as I am not from ... stupid than I've thought. When I saw Bernie supporters I thought they were the smartest...
Why did the DNC treat Bernie supporters like crap during the convention?
Bernie or bust? It's bust. Hillary has the nomination. ...
Why are Bernie Sanders rallies 99 percent white people?
Bernie Sanders has a problem with attracting minority support. Bernie...brand of "White Socialistic Supremacy" offensive. Bernie's most vociferous supporters are young white college age kids...
Whatever happened to...Bernie Nicholls?
Bernie lives just outside San Jose, California and has... there. Served him right for signing there. Bernie has the highest points per game average of any player eligible...
bernie mac has died at age 50
Bernie Mac there is so much he has been in that I...there gone to rest till that day comes. R.I.P Bernie Mac
Obama and Bernie Mac?
Yes, because everybody should know by now that Bernie Mac blunt and funny. I love Bernie... am not worried about Bernie Mac. I am worried...
Bernie Sanders?
...more than twice your age and like him. Bernie Sanders' ideas are actually...all people and not just billionaires, then Bernie Sanders is your guy.
Do Bernie fans feel like justice was done after the DNC emails showed cronyism on Hillary's behalf?
Bernie came out the loser in all of this. He turned out to be (like... and more about his beach house and his pocket book. Most Bernie supporters turned out to be rank-and-file Democrats. ...
why does bernie sanders look much older than donald trump when bernie is only 5 years old than trump?
Bernie has been a hard working American his entire... has been a rich kid, waste of space his entire life. Bernie has earned every dime, dollar and accolade he has ever recieved...
obama and bernie mac?
bernie mac came out to speak at one of obamas appearances and...