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Can the Atlanta Falcons beat the New England Patriots this weekend?
...controversial replay call is the difference between 3-2 and 1-4. The Pats benefited from a controversial call too just a few days ago. I pick them to...
Will my cousin get benefits when she retires?
SSI (supplemental security income) is a federal welfare benefit. The maximum benefit is currently $735 a month. Living ...
What is the future of Obamacare?
...--that even REPUBLICAN voters don't want to give up a benefit once they have it, and they're happy to pay for it. Obamacare may be...
Should I let my pet mice outside? If so for how often?
Your mice would not benefit being outside, and certainly not free roaming, 30 seconds you will...
Liberals & Conservatives, what does this mean?
...can be a pot head if you want to but please don't come on here and claim any health benefits from it. This is a joke and someone may take you seriously.
I've had to change my address alot at Social Security will this trigger anything like reviews? a change of address to make sure that the amount of your monthly SSI benefit is correct. Otherwise they don't get into the big reviews...
During a phone call to change my address to SSA They took my address and then said your on Social Sec right is this a hint I'm up for review?
...ssi. Thank god because most people don't have a clue as to what type of benefit they get nor their claim #s because they don't bother to read, and keep...
Hey, I am almost 12 and i started to ejaculate 3 weeks ago. And after 4 days I started to ejaculate a little bit. And now i don't why??
... a dry orgasm. If you are circumcised, then you would benefit by the use of lubrication. If you don’t have a foreskin, then you will need external...
"At this point, what difference does it make? right, Hillary?
The Clintons and Obama colluded with Russian.
Money budget on sweet 16?
... better than all those kids put together, because they do not have the benefit of his presence which is better than 50 per cent of most ...