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Trade-offs: Is it more beneficial to keep school start times the same or to change to later for the biological sleep needs of the students?
...what ever made you think that school was scheduled for the benefit of the students? School scheduling is tied...
I have been diagnosed with aspergers (ASD) can someone explain what exactly makes me different, because I don't feel different?
...executive dysfunction, inertia, or experience meltdowns - for the record there are benefits too: increased sensitivity, we can hyper-focus, we tend to be logical and often...
When do we get more Russiagate indictments?
... in putting on stupid, dog & pony propaganda shows for the benefit of the impatient media and masses. If more indictments...
Why should Israel go back to the 1967 borders when Arabs were the ones that invaded Israel in 1948 to exterminate the Jewish state?
... us anything, it's more to the Palestinians' benefit that it be viable, as the Israelis know how to defend themselves and how...
Are traditional gender roles in education/college majors screwing women over?
Colleges and feminists due a great disservice to young women by encouraging them to take women’s studies instead of worthwhile degrees.
Why do people hate gays?
... will hire you. Nobody will buy anything from you. You lose all benefits of your manhood club membership. And how do we know whether to suspect you...
How can we break our apartment lease without paying serious cash?
... lease agreement would be altered. An alternation of the lease would not benefit your landlord or property manager. Your property manager or landlord would not...
Why didn't Obama disarm the Secret Service when he was President if guns are so bad?
Gun haters (such as Obama) only like guns when they can benefit from them.
Why do women act like they are not responsible for their own lives?
Please don't get any more cheerful. The rays of sunshine are blinding me.
Does he want to hangout with me?
Yes, he wants to hang out with you.