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Why do some religious people get angry or insulted if you tell them things like this when they are going through a hard time?
It's easy to say, and hard to hear.
Why is the media ignoring the best U.S. economy since 1973? office has the country moving in the proper direction and in it's benefitting everyone.
does this sound like I need to be in the hospital?
...cysteine/page-01 Another thing you can do is nebulize colloidal silver...
Why do liberals love gender bending confusion so much?
.... I am against gay marriage because that is about getting benefits and tax breaks not getting a government piece of paper.
How to not be afraid of public speaking?
...might wonder if it can give you more confidence. Realistically, this kind of side benefit isn't going to happen. It sounds like it might help in some...
Why hasn’t Obama been arrested and tried for treason?
It takes time. There are more important issues pressing at the moment that the public wants done, such as the new healthcare bill that was recently passed. It took a lot of work, considering the prior mess that...
Call up a guy to make out?
That's honestly lame because it benefits the woman but not the man. The woman feels emotionally fulfilled...
What is the best way to treat IBS?
...add a FODMAP vegetable, one at a time. I believe my diet would benefit almost everyone with IBS. Those who can’t tolerate fibre, because...
I've always wondered why Justin Bieber doesn't have a girlfriend you know?
...too famous ppl just look at u like an object (or something to use for their own benefit) and counter-intuitively it becomes a lot harder to find real love ...
am i being gaslighted? feel are uncomfortable but says they are for your own benefit C) is deceptive and will get angry rather than communicative when there ...