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NHL scoring average..........?
By average I will use the NHL stats for last year. There ...and each team dressed 18 skaters for each game therefore the average player scored (6545/30*18) 12 goals last year. Since...
Philippines Average Income?
The ANNUAL average income of families as of 2009 at year 2000 prices is ...2000 prices for the year 2009: Php227,000 (Php18,916/month) average expenditure: Php197, 000. (Php16,416.67/month) For more information...
Weighted average?
...density, for several materials, the weighted average allows you to find the average value of the property for...mixture. You can also compute a molar weighted average where x1, x2 etc. are mole fractions of the...
Average size?
Average adult size is 5.1 to 6.2 inches. Average girth is 4.5 to 5.5 inches. Puberty ends between 16 and 21. Average depth of a vagina is 4 to 6 or 7 inches depending on what...
Whats the average score?
The average score was 53--assuming you are using the mean as the definition...other terms/figures--or "data" used to report the average include the mode and the median. Since the mean is sensitive to ...
What are the average temperatures for the appalachian mountains?
Average annual temperatures range from below 50F (10C) in the north to about 64F (18C) at the south end of the highlands. The average length of the frost-free period is about 100 days in the northern ...
Fuel consumption by these transports (approximately,on average) ?
Average small fishing boat on cruise - 5mpg (but almost impossible to calculate due to all the...speed - but may mean it's fighting current and waves) Cars average about 87% of quoted consumption figures. Average quoted...
Finding the Average?
Average = mean is you have a set of 5 mumbers (10 20 30 40 50) Add the numbers in the set = 150 Divide 150 by 5 to get the average 150 / 5 = 30 30 is the average - - - - - - - - - -s-
what is the average temp in Durham New Hampshire?
Average Monthly Temperature for Durham, New Hampshire...average high: 37 degrees, average low: 16 degrees March - average high: 46 degrees, average low: 25 degrees April - average high...
Weighted and non weighted average?
If you average 20 and 40, you get 30. If you use a weighted average, it gives...stat B is weighted at 25%, then your weighted average becomes 12.5. ((20 * 75%) + (40 * 25%)) / 2 = 12.5 You did...