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Auburn superman song?????
... Auburn superman Yea Ok, homie Auburn And JR...
Why does Auburn have 2 mascots?
Auburn's nickname is the Tigers, but the battle cry is "...but its name is Tiger. Lost yet? How about this? Auburn's mascot, technically, is Aubie, a costumed tiger. To...
Tips for dying my hair red/auburn?
I dye my hair Auburn all the time and I've found because I.... My only other warning for dark auburn or burgundy is that if you're not careful and spill it...
If Florida State, Ohio State, and Auburn win out, should Auburn jump Ohio State for the #2 spot?
Auburn got robbed in 04 and likely would have beaten USC if... about 04 when they vote every week for the BCS though. But if Auburn beats Missouri they will be in the National Title...
is Auburn/Pacific Washington a suburb of Seattle or seperate Town?
Both Auburn and Pacific are separate cities from Seattle. ...much larger city than Pacific with a population of about 40,000 people. Auburn is about 28 miles south of Seattle. The ...
Florida vs. Auburn , who will win?
let us reflect.. Auburn lost 2 games.. 1 to an aparent BCS team in...of a load and he's never faced a defense like Auburn will bring to the table.. Auburn is traditionally...
Things to do in Auburn, Washington?
Auburn is a suburb of Seattle. There is not a lot of things to do, however here...the Muckleshoot Casino or Bingo hall. See what's showing at the Auburn Ave Theater or at the PAC at Auburn High. Go to Federal...
Should TCU jump over Auburn?
should TCU leap Auburn.. hmm.. to answer that let me laugh histerically while... an overall winning schedule is Auburn and their opponents are a ...
Auburn 2003?
Yes Auburn would have beaten USC, ( actually it would have... go to the NC. And for all who think Auburn sucks just remember this. They ARE 7 time...
auburn highlights?
Any shade of brown will work good with auburn highlights. If your hair is lighter you could... OR coloring your hair to a nice shade of dark auburn before getting lighter auburn highlights put in.