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Which state is larger? Texas or Amazonas (in Brazil)?
Amazonas 606,500 sq miles Texas 268,581 sq miles
What is the biggest city in the Brazilian state Amazonas? Somebody know the answer?
Manaus capital of Amazonas State. Area: 11,401 km2 Population: 1.592.555 (estimative 2004)
Help Amazonas !!! Amazonas this in the end???
Is it Nilen or Amazonas?
The Nile is the longest, Amazonas is the largest. Simple as that.
Pronunciation of LL in Venezuela, Amazonas State?
LL is pronounced like the Y in Yam. In your example, it is used like a J, but be cautious because other G words will sound out differently. LLaves (keys) Pronounced Ya-vez...
Seeking for low cost hostel in Leticia-Amazonas?
You should go to Definitely you will get some nice suggestions from there.
picture Slideshow of Venezuela Amazonas, what do you think?
Hello! .. is beautiful! ♥ Excuse my English =) I am Venezuelan!!!!!!! ♥
It´s true the explorer Cel. Falsett? missing in the years 30/40 in the jungle of Amazonas,Brazil?
Do you mean Colonel Fawcett? I read a book about that a long time ago, can't remember the title. The book was written in the '30s so this Fawcett dude has been "missing" for a damn long time. Is...
10 points - amazonas-river-homework, FAST!?
Just google it. Lazy kids. What do you think they have search engines for? It takes like 1 min
How is the climate in the Amazonas rainforest?
hot & humid