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answeerrrr((((((: ahahaha?
Push there face down there !!
Crannnnberrrry ! ahahaha ??
Uuuh ... Heres some info about Cranberry: Cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C, dietary fiber and the essential dietary mineral, manganese, as well as a balanced profile of other essential micronutrients Cranberries...
Ahahaha, dude.?
i was planning on laughing, but the link doesnt work =/ ahahaaa i just read that question too ! :D lmao. tsk tsk, what people do just to feel good about themselves...errr.... themNOTselves. =/
When you are texting or typing do you laugh like,"bahaha" "hahaha" ahahaha" or "jajaja"?
hahaha or ahahaha, if it's REALLY funny... who says jajaja?
Do you know what a dush bag is? it has 2 meanings!!!!?
A douche bag is an old fashion way for a woman to cleanse her private. A douche bag also being a name that is called to someone whom is not appreciated.
are cartoon avatars really that uncool?
Yeah, you people need to stop using them.
How do you say sugar, angel, and crankyface in Persian?
suger:sheker(شکر) angel:fereshte,malak(فرشته،ملک) crankyface:sostchehreh(سست چهره)
Can you see Russia from your house?
If only we all could then we all would be vice presendential candidates....right???? ; D
Guys poll: would you hook up with a chick if she had a bit of a moustache even if the rest of her was smokin'?
Hell Yeah! She'd be a banging Mario this Halloween.
Random question.! ahahaha?
You're retarded!