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answeerrrr((((((: ahahaha?
Push there face down there !!
Crannnnberrrry ! ahahaha ??
Uuuh ... Heres some info about Cranberry: Cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C, dietary fiber and the essential dietary mineral, manganese, as well as a balanced profile of other essential micronutrients Cranberries...
Ahahaha, dude.?
i was planning on laughing, but the link doesnt work =/ ahahaaa i just read that question too ! :D lmao. tsk tsk, what people do just to feel good about themselves...errr.... themNOTselves. =/
When you are texting or typing do you laugh like,"bahaha" "hahaha" ahahaha" or "jajaja"?
hahaha or ahahaha, if it's REALLY funny... who says jajaja?
Do you know what a dush bag is? it has 2 meanings!!!!?
A douche bag is an old fashion way for a woman to cleanse her private. A douche bag also being a name that is called to someone whom is not appreciated.
are cartoon avatars really that uncool?
Yeah, you people need to stop using them.
Guys poll: would you hook up with a chick if she had a bit of a moustache even if the rest of her was smokin'?
Hell Yeah! She'd be a banging Mario this Halloween.
How do you say sugar, angel, and crankyface in Persian?
suger:sheker(شکر) angel:fereshte,malak(فرشته،ملک) crankyface:sostchehreh(سست چهره)
Can you see Russia from your house?
If only we all could then we all would be vice presendential candidates....right???? ; D
Random question.! ahahaha?
You're retarded!