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I’m always slouching. How to stop?

Someone in my family just called me hunchback while taking about my child cousin being taller than me. Which triggered me to posting this a question about it
It all started when my mother first made me wear a training bra so I slouched and decided to walk like that so I wouldn’t look like I have boobs lmao. When In reality I really don’t have boobs I’m still an A cup. But I didn’t want to have boobs when I started wearing training bras. I have seen pictures of me from earlier childhood and realise I’ve been slouching my back since I was a little kid lol. I have seen me in photos/videos slouching and realised it’s not very pretty at all😂
I’m eighteen now and slouch without even realising. And when I do walk with a straight back it feels weird and forced and I feel self conscious for some reason?!?!

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