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I hate life?

I want to die, I have no qualifications, I failed all of my GCSEs getting U grades, hardly any job experience, hardly ever get picked for job interviews and never end up getting the job anyway, I have no friends, I'm single, I hate my face and body, I'm nearly 19 and have nothing to show for my life, no one to celebrate my birthday with, I don't get on with most of my family, I have no one, my life never goes right, I have no money, I have nothing to live for. I hate living in England, I want to die or just go off the radar, move to a different country and start a new life.

This guy I used to talk to got close with me and then stopped talking to me out of no where and for no reason, came back into my life and then did it again, 3rd time he said he did it because he was worried I didn't feel the same way he did, we got close again tbut we had a huge argument and stopped talking. This other guy got close with me, we hugged under the stars, kissed, got really close, he told me he wanted a relationship then I find out he got with some other girl he's now still in a relationship with. This 3rd guy we were friends, we were in a relationship in the past but ended, we started becoming friends again recently, we did end up kissing and hugging but we were both drunk and when we met up a day after he said he didn't regret it and would do it again and i agreed, we carried on meeting up and hugged and that then the same thing happens, he stops talking to me for no reason.

What do I do?

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