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Chances of being pregnant? please help?

I’m 16 years old and sexually active. I was late for August and although I’ve had irregular periods in the past, this is the first time in 2018 that I missed a month. My boyfriend and I are super safe when we have sex (he wears a condom and pulls out) I can’t think of a time where there’s a possible chance and he can’t either. Still keeping an open mind I waited the suggest time of 2 weeks after a missed period and took a test which came out negative. I wasn’t worried about it until a couple of weeks later I was talking to a co worker of mine who was telling me how she took pregnancy tests that came out negative but she was actually pregnant. A little freaked out I decided to buy the most expensive, best reviewed pregnancy test at walmart and take it. Which also came out negative. Also, I feel like i’ve been having the symptoms as well (sore nipples and feeling nauseous) but I don’t know if it’s all in my head. I am now 31 days late for my period and I took the expensive pregnancy test again this morning and it still came out negative. In total i’ve taken 6 pregnancy test which all came out negative and I just want to know what the chances of it being false like my co worker experienced are? p.s I would go to the doctors to get tested but due to low on extra cash and other problems in my life it is not a option right now.

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