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How do we cure autism?

My son has Asperger's and he has turned 20 years old today. I don't want him to continue to struggle, I want him to be normal and actually have a chance at life. Every time I see television shows like Big Bang Theory featuring Sheldon and his band of weirdos, I can't help, but think of how much of a failure my son shall always be portrayed as. Especially, the character Sam from the movie Atypical. If he ends up like him, I will feel ashamed for my genetics.

I don't want him to end up like a creep. Every socially-awkward weirdo I have heard of has Aspergers.: Michael Jackson, Elliot Rodger, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Putin, and Robin Williams. There is nothing beneficial to having Aspergers. People have insisted I should just accept him for who he is and stop trying to change them and subconsciously, I feel they are right.

Perhaps, I should just accept the fact that he is genetically destined to be a life-long failure and a disappointment. Farewell, I am such a good father, and I fail to see why others don't recognize me that way.

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