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Wanting to rent a home?


I was looking to rent a home and I found one I really liked. It was perfect to me in every way except for one problem. There are freshly painted covered holes in the bedroom walls and in the hallway that lead up to the bedroom. All together there are about 4-6 holes and half of them are about 1 foot in diameter. I asked the realtor what the reason for the holes were and she didn’t know, instead she just answered by saying “well it’s freshly painted and fixed” but she still said she didn’t know why. I REALLY like this house but I’m just curious about why there’s holes. I can’t find anything on the internet, I thought maybe it could’ve been from pest such as wood mites or maybe even rats? This is my first house I will be looking to rent by the way, only ever lived in an apartment before and never had this issue. I will upload a picture that I snuck from the visit.

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