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Should I call CPS on my father?

my siblings and I moved to Colorado with my father after he got out of jail. we moved in with our grandparents (his parents) so they could help him "get back on his feet". that's what was suppose to happen, but it didn't. long story short, my father dropped my two younger siblings and I off and left. he lives with his junkie girlfriend, he doesn't have a job, he doesn't let us use the food card, he's doing heroin, he won't take me to the doctors, to therapy, to anywhere. im 16, and my parents haven't made me any appointments of any kind in YEARS. I still have my old glasses from when I was in elementary and they're broken but it's all I have to use. I need to go to therapy for personal reasons I wont get into, but he wont ******* do it. and now school is starting soon and he won't sign me up for school. my grandparent's hands are tied. they don't have custody of us. they don't have our birth certificates, social security cards, they don't have anything. my dad abandoned me, he abandoned us. he was bad before, but now he's doing heroin and he's even worse. I've tried to avoid cps because I've been involved with them before and it's too much for me, and also because I love my dad. but I just cant take this anymore. im suppose to depend on my parents for things but how can I do that when the only parent in my life is so unreliable. don't ask about my mom, she's out of the picture. sorry this was a mess, I just wanted to ramble.

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