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Apartment lease...?

I recently signed a lease for an apartment ($720/month plus a bunch of other ridiculous fines that keep coming along with it). I found out that my floorplan is located in the exact opposite spot of where I wanted to live in the facility. They have 2 buildings, one huge one with tons of amenities and another small one on the side. I was placed into the small building into the room FURTHEST away from the bridge to get to the main building.
My building has absolutely no amenities, no parking, or anything besides rooms.
I have permission to change my floorplan but they refuse to tell me the locations of the floorplans, so I may be paying more just to stay in the same place. It makes no sense to me...also, the floorplan that I plan on changing to is on sale for $670 a month, but since I already signed a lease for a different floorplan, I am not allowed to take the special and must pay the original $760 a month.

All of these explanations seem like the dumbest lies to get the most money out of me. I thought I was renting from a great complex but I am now starting to see their need to get as much money out of their renters as possible.
Do you think this rule about me not being able to pay the special that everyone else gets to pay is fair?
I’m really not sure what to do. They’re just so frustrating.

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