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Is is more moving if the hero dies or the girl?

Please note that in my story: the guy is 22/23 and has no family (his mom commited suicide, his dad was missing, his sister married and english although his brother was imprisoned and tortured by them) and suffers from PTSD. After all the things that happened to him, he has become emotionless and detached, and barely speaks or trust anyone. She is a teenager migrant irish girl, who has to work in a factory to help her family.She does many km everyday following the rail tracks to go to the town where she attends school. She's an only child and has no friends because nobody wants her (although she is a normal girl, everyone hates her because she's irish, coming from a humble background and they're jealous that she learns fast and is extremely clever). They bully her and one they threw her off of the bike and punch her, insult and harass ber everyday, they also try to ruin her image in front of thr teachers, who are already biased. Then the two of them after arguing and hurting each other understand that they are in love and only love can heal them.he is sad to see her like in this and he does all he can to protect her. He agrees to take her away to Canada to start a new life. She gets pregnant during the journey after they do it for the first time, after he yells at her saying that he cant be with her because he was treated like an animal when he was in jail. So which character would be tragic to die? The girl or the boy? Who had more trouble between the two of them?

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