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Does the insurance company have to repair my car?

I parked my classic car, a restored 57 Chevrolet Nomad in a mall parking lot. A driver was going the wrong way getting out of the parking lot and a Fedex truck was going the correct way out of the lot. The Fedex truck served to avoid the wrong way driver and hit my car. It was extensively damaged. There were plenty of people that saw the crash and the police were called and I filled out a police report and the Fedex driver did the same thing.

My car will be VERY expensive to repair as parts to repair a car this old are very hard to find and when found are extremely costly. Fedex insurance wants to claim the cost to repair it are more than the car is worth and just pay me what an average 1957 Chevrolet would cost to buy.

I know my car is not the average 1957 Chevrolet. It is a very rare model. It is restored to better than new condition. A few years ago the model of my car “Nomad” in good condition was selling for over $80,000. That is way more that Fedex insurance wants to pay me for the car.

Do I have the right to demand they restore my car to the condition it was before their truck damaged it no matter what it cost. Thanks for your advice

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