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Whatcha think of this poem I wrote?

Everything is dark and cold
I can feel the walls closing in
I cant hear what I’m being told
I’m to blame for every sin
To the darkeness I’ve been sold

I know I’m truly trying
This hole i must get out
Inside I feel like crying
But I fail without a doubt
So I just sit here dying.

Can anyone hear my screams
See me falling apart
Ive come apart at the seams
Clutching my dying heart
Losing sight of all my dreams

I dont want to be here
I just want to cry
Im beyond help I fear
But i just want to die
I know thats hard to hear

Im trying to have hope
Im trying to hold on
My minds a downward slope
Ive crossed the line thats drawn
Im hanging on the rope

You asked me whats wrong
“Help” Im trying to ask
Ive held this in too long
Livings too hard a task
I can hear my funeral song

Why should I have life
I have nothing else to give
All it has been is strife
I dont want to live
I sit here holding the knife

They tell me to be brave
To find a reason why
Hope is all they gave
No matter how hard I try
I was the one they couldnt save

I know these are just words
I dont knmow what they mean
Out of everything Ive endured
This is like nothing that Ive seen
My “help” cannot be heard

I promise I tried to fight
I really didnt quit
I tried with all my might
The fire just never lit
So i went looking for the light

I dont think you’ll find me
Even if you go searching
I needed to be free
The dakness was always lurching
Please just leave be be

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