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Mom trying to make me co-sign her loan.?

My mom has horrible credit at less than 500. She is trying to make me co-sign a car loan so that she can get a car. My fiance and I live with her yes but we pull our own weight and more. We buy groceries, pet food (including feeding her pets + ours), buy household materials, and I have helped her more than once to pay her car insurance, loan her money, buy her medicine, etc. My fiance works Full Time and pays her rent ($150/month) + pays the cable she wants+ buys groceries+ loans her money.
I feel like she just expects me to do this as we live with her. I do not want to ruin the credit that I have worked hard to build (I pay all my bills on time and spend responsibly). My credit is a 679/ 687 (something like that). She is guilt tripping me because I won't do it! Yet she has never been responsible and had a car repossessed. What do I do?

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