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Is this poem about Pandora's box good?

Pandora's Box

it merely sits on the shelf
content, occupied, naught
but the box it is

only when darkness encroached
upon the curtains did I
notice a slight glint on the lock
It paved a glittery path of wonder
through the overall bleakness;
beckoning me to approach

I chanced a fleeting glance
quite guiltily, quite furtively
and returned, burying myself
into my sheets
some malice of a memory chastising
my uncouth behavior

the bridge between
thought and action shortens
the journey becomes all too feasible
all too enticing

lay before me unconquered
lands, a world awaiting my
arrival, the toll being...

alas! I hear the bells a-ringing!
they call me
I must not disappoint
the inviters, who so
kindly request my presence

the bridge is taunting
it’s tantalizing,
the world’s ticking,
the room’s trembling
for the sleight turn
of a lock
for a relief;

a world awaits
and I must traverse
the path
that is stumbled by
a toll
whose price I cannot recall

Only when I unlocked
the box did I realize
that the price
was my own sanity

(Don't be afraid to criticize. I need helpful feedback.)

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