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What makes people think I look exotic?

Im 3/4 white/european Swedish, dutch, german and 1/4 indigenous( like american indian) just not sure which region of the americas it comes from, I never knew my biological dad or anything. I have dark brown hair with some dirty blonde highlights, dark grey eyes (kinda oriental shaped looking, interestingly since I'm not asian at all) thick dark brownish red lips, a roman yet at the same time flattenedish nose. Im basically 3/4 white 1/4 Indian and people can never seem to guess my race correctly or get it right... My skin is a light yet a darkish tanned/brown. I just wanted to know what you think the main thing is that makes me appear "exotic" in someones eyes based off what Ive told ou about my appearance. People think Im asian/white or Puerto Rican, El Salvadorean/White mix ...or they think I'm just 100 percent Latino and rarely I get that I look like a straight up caucasian guy here in the US. I do have latino family members and do identify more with that side than my white side, but Latino isn't a race but an ethnicity and theres no specific look... It no big deal I just don't know what "exotic" really means nowadays

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