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How critical is an oil change?

2012 Mazda3. 54,319 miles.

Last oil change 3/30/18 with 49,856.

So 4463 miles.

Bham,AL, stop & go driving. Garage Kept.

I have been looking for a deal from pep boys but they just don't seem to have any deals the last few months. I mean under 20.

I do not have the equipment to change my own and I hate grease.

My inclination is to wait for a July 4th oil change deal and do it then and if not, the next week even at $25.

I have not checked firestones price for 2 reasons. While its probably closer to my house, its kind of night & day difference as far as area. The firestone is kind of a war zone. The pep boys is fine. Plus, I pay with pep boys gift cards which gives me a 20 per cent discount. (i get them via Discover with cashback, a 25 card is 20)

Maybe I should call & ask firestone and try to get pep boys to match it?

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