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Immigration: What to do?

I am just beginning my PhD program at a local university (1 hour away) and my boyfriend is on an F-1 visa. We've known each other for nearly a year now.

When I met him, I was working and going to school. However, I want to become a full-time student and to solely concentrate on my studies. My adviser told me that he will develop me in the program if I am serious about becoming a full-time student.

So, I am seeking to move to the same city as my school and to live off of a stipend for the duration of my program.

However, my boyfriend wanted us to move in together and get married after that. Personally, I love him and he is an awesome guy. However, I know that I can't give him papers if we married because I wouldn't make enough to support him.

So, I'm pretty torn right now. My boyfriend wants to go off to university once he gets citizenship because he can't afford it right now. He's been in community college for 5 years. Yes, I've seen his transcript.

An old professor of mine told me to worry about myself and let my doctoral work become my priority.

Any advice?

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