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Warehouse employer wouldn’t even interview me due to what I was wearing?

Why would my choice of attire matter so much for this type of position? I applied for a job in my area where I would be assembling gym equipment in some warehouse. Even though I’m only 19, i have had several years of experience putting together fitness equipment as my father owns his own business and does pretty much the same thing. Even the lady that set up the interview over the phone told me that my resume was good and that I qualify very well for the job. She even mentioned that she rarely ever finds people with such qualifications and she was very eager to set up the interview as soon as possible. They wouldn’t even need to train me if they hired me. I tried to dress casual as I believed I would look ridiculous if I dressed up like I was going to church for a warehouse job. But as soon as I walked in the manager criticized me for wearing a plain white t-shirt, and sneakers; something that I would typically wear for this job. He then told me he wasn’t interested anymore and refused to even jnterview me. Why would he rather hire some phaggot that doesn’t even know what he’s doing just because he shows up to a blue collar job in a suit and tie over someone like me who has years of experience and would do a good job? Do you believe what he did was right or was he just being overbearing? This was in fact my first interview so I might just be ignorant.

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