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Which car should I get?

Okay, it's my first car. I have done quite a bit of research and have narrowed my options down to a few. I am spending aroung $3,00. A 2000 ish Subaru Outback, a 2000+ Honda CR-V, a 2006 ish Chevy impala, a 2005 ish Chevy Malibu, a 2000+ Honda Civic, or a 2000+ Toyota Camry, 2000+ accord, 2005 ish Ford Escape, or a 2006 ish Chevy equinox. Now, here's specific needs of mine. Good mpg (25+) spacious, capable in all weather conditions, and reliable. Also, I have found each one of these cars and year for sale, it's just a matter of which one to lean towards. Thank you.

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