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What does the phrase 'Rockets in 5' mean?

So it's that time of the year in the NBA - PLAYOFFS!!! I've just started watching NBA for the first time this Season and was reading some predictions ahead of the Playoffs which start tonight and there's a particular phrase that is said a lot even during the NBA regular season but I do not understand as I've only just started watching last year. It's the last sentence in one example prediction below.

Botkin: With two top-15 players in the league, Minnesota is not your typical No. 8 seed. But the Rockets are just too much. Minnesota doesn't play much defense at all, and it was particularly terrible guarding Houston's pick and rolls in losing all four games to the Rockets this season. James Harden is going to torch the Wolves. This will go five at the most. Prediction: Rockets in 5

So what does 'Rockets in 5' mean? Please explain as simply as possible as I am a straight up novice! Thank you so much!

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