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Do you work long hours?

Yes, I did a work 9 hours long. it's so scary.

No, each one lasts only 60 minutes.

Yes. Wife, mother, educator, & homemaker. All full-time jobs!

used to

yes more than 12 hrs. and couldn't get much money even

Was super busy with overtime when my firm was trying to get a new technology to work. Now, we are downsized a lot and I currently only get 32 hours per week. Sort of nice to have a slowdown though, with a day off each week. Can now do a more thorough job with less multi-tasking.

I had a very well paying commission based job. I would log 6 to 8 hours per day but each job usually only took 2 hours or less and on an average day I also drove about 200 miles. Yes, the days were long. Probably my worst week was when I left home to make a service call 2150 miles from home. The job only took about 2 hours, but I logged 4300 miles for the trip. My truck sometimes made more money than I did. It was not uncommon for my expense check to be larger than my paycheck. To keep things in order, I had a separate bank account for my service truck.


Yes only on working days not on weekends.