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Does freedom of speech still exist in USA?

Yes but some people don't understand the true meaning. They're not willing to accept or welcome other people's views which is dumb

Christian speech is no longer tolerated. Censorship is destroying Christian speech.

Only if everyone agrees

Yes. You are free to express yourself. If I don't like it, I am free to express myself. Probably in a way you do not like.

As long as you carry a gun people willisten

No the patriot law of bush and the fool of obama follow the same rules
United states of america the fear land of others take the free life of people to be fear to get votes?

You wouldn't even think of asking that question if you had ever had any experience of life in the former Soviet Union, or in Nazi Germany, or in present day North Korea, or in China. Those are places that REALLY didn't / don't have freedom of speech as we understand it.

If you really doubt that it still exists in the USA, you need a dose of harsh reality.

Sure it does, I have the freedom to speak at my church, I have the freedom to do an evangelistic outreach. Do I have the right to do this on the State Capital grounds?? Probably not. But I can do it in parks. This weekend in OKC, is a gathering of Atheists, I saw it on a billboard. Do I have the right to come out and say I'm against homosexuals in the work place?? No, but if they came out and gave me c r a p about my evangelical Christian beliefs, they would be called on it.

Yes freedom of speech exists, look at all the attacks on Obama when he was in office, now look at all of them on Trump. Now if Ann Coulter goes go Univ. of California Berkeley it won't be received, but then if PZ Meyers wanted to speak at Hillsdale Free will Baptist College in Moore, Oklahoma, bet they would show him the door.

In the USA? Of course it does. On the internet, which is global and not to be mistaken for strictly the USA, of course not, there are citizens from all around the world who love censoring what others have to say.

Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Expression still exists and is protected by the Government; the Government cannot ("should not") penalize anyone for their point of view when expressed verbally or symbolically. OUR rights, freedoms & liberties protect us all from the Government and its agents (elected/appointed/hired personnel) but... we are our own worst enemies. WE, as individuals and free-thinking Americans must often have to deal with out own neighbors and fellow citizens that taken umbrage against our opinions and points of view, and become hostile, even overly aggressive and menace and threaten us for not having the same thoughts or opinions as they do.

I once debated someone with a differing point of view; after I listed to him, I explained the facts to him and asked him to look it up on his cell 'phone; he read the contents and finally said, "It says here you're correct but I still don't like it" and I said, "That's what makes America great, you can like or dislike things without facing reprisals. I can only explain things but I cannot make you like it." (He still doesn't speak with me)