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What are you currently working as?

and do you like your job?

I’m working on getting a job

A waiter

Part time as an electronics engineer designing gear for professional musicians including pretty well all the "A" list touring acts. I love the work but am only part time as I choose to be part time as I am 66 and do not need the money. I only do it because it I would be doing it as a hobby anyway.

Love my job
I'm retired and my current job is spoiling my wife and our grandkids

After getting fired from my job at the orange juice plant, (they said I didn't know how to concentrate) I got a job at the only place I could see myself working, at the mirror factory.

Domicillary care worker. I look after sick old people in their homes, I only like the job cos the schedules are flexible.

i work modeling Agency Delhi

I am an unskilled "robot." However, I am hoping for a career in publishing.

Chef in a Private Club. Love the work I do, wish I could work with and for people I respected more.

Once Retired from the Military. I took my Back ground in Military Law Enforcement
Criminal Investigations division as a Commander of these elements. Into a position
as a civilian Commander of Robbery/Homicide Detective Division.