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What do you people think of The Walking Dead so far?

Keep hearing about the title but dont know about it

Don't watch scary movies couldn't tell you

Too long.

its a great show at first with awesome effects and great cast with a lot of diversity. But the rules for how the zombies work
change a lot and so do the names of them. They start calling em rotters, z's, and walkers which throws off the mood. But the plot is forwarded and the story is funny to watch with great scares and complex characters. If you can look past the flaws in the start and the slowness that its at rn its a good show.

Racist for killing off the only attractive Asian and black characters

I'll sum it up in three words. BEST **** EVER!!!!!

Walking is a good habit.But you try to it on your health condition.

Not crazy about it, if I must be honest.

It has become a garbled mess of a show which has totally lost its magic and is becoming unwatchable

I saw the very first episode and it sucked. I never watched it again. I don't know how people can watch it. It's the stupidest show on television.