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Do you hate people?

Not even moderately annoyed at anyone.

Very best wishes


Source:) Gut feelings can change though.


Hell yes. I hate loads of people. I am sure also that people hate me,

I hate people from those in public such as politicians, actors or musicians right down to the person who lives in the apartment downstairs from me,

My life is my life I only get one chance at it so I am not going to let idiots get in my way.

Hate is a strong word. However if something or someone becomes an obstacle in what you are tying to achieve then yes you hate whatever or whoever is in your way!

Depends on the person.

Yes, I ******* hate people lol.

Im definitely not a people's person. Solitude is definitely the way to go!!! With everything from common sense not being common and not being able to fix stupid people that pretty much sums it up.


People are like a disease.
They infect and unleash all kinds of badness.

But I like 'em. They're interesting to observe.

Bad people, I do hate

I get immensely frustrated at the amount of them here in London.