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Why did the Oscars TV rating tank to an all-time low?

Do you think folks are getting sick of liberal politics being shoved down their throats?

People are finally waking up and starting to realize they awards ceremonies are a joke and they should keep politics out of the entertainment business if they want to get more people watching.

all the movies this year would not have been nominated 10 years ago... the quality has dropped.

It's just weird to watch everyone is extremely fake . Plus talking about politics is really pathetic and unprofessional

Because everyone uses them for their political rants. People watch the Oscars and award shows like them for entertainment, NOT to hear someone spout off about their political views, (which no one cares about in the first place).

The supply was not so good...

because were sick of liberal leftest scumbags

People are getting tired of all the politics coming up. People go to the movies, sports and plays to be entertained, not to hear people's political views. People are paying money to see something and in return their getting an earful which is just annoying. I'm not saying that athletes and actors cannot express their personal opinions but there's a time and a place and these people are disrespecting their fans by bringing their views to their workplace.

Because people how found out how hypocritical and how much of a cesspool Hollywood is

Because we're tired of hearing the stupid liberal political ****.

Yup. The good old days were when you could go to a movie and not worry about liberal agendas, and you could tune in an awards show for entertainment value. The day that Marlon Brando had the Indian chick do his speech was the day the whole big portapotty started to roll towards hell. Hasn't stopped since.