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Do grades define your intelligence?

Intelligence and Grades are extremely two different things, grades are nothing to do with intelligence. Most school dropouts are the biggest entrepreneurs

Not at all. Whomever says grades define intelligence is very small-minded. Intelligence comes in so many forms. Even people with so called “learning disabilities” that are seen as “dumb,” usually are very intelligent in other ways.

For example, one person may be book smart, and another may be street smart. Another person might be both of those things. A person could be very skilled with mathematics and science, and struggle with English literature. Nonetheless, Intelligence really isn’t something that can be measured; it is not concrete enough.

Something important to keep in mind: “Everyone is a genius. However, if you judge a fish by its inability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”
-Albert Einstein

What is the point of being intelligent if you make bad grades? You just end up with a crappy job with a boss that hates you because you are smarter than He/she/it is.....

not by a long shot

absolutely not. I believe that school teaches and grades only certain subjects and your knowledge cant be defined by only those. there is so much more a human can do and learn and every person has a talent and is smart in their own way no matter what school or grades say.

Not by a long shot. Having an A doesn't necessarily you are an expert in the subject. Even students that have an F, they may like the subject.

Yesh. 90% of the times grades define the intelligence and that also in this corporate world.

No but they do define work ethic in many cases. So maybe they define your interest in a subject. That doesn’t make anyone unintelligent though, it just simply means the person is either ignorant in the subject or doesn’t care enough to do well at it.

No. I consider myself intelligent; yet I struggled in Math. I did have above-average reading and writing comprehension. Conversely, Stephen Hawking excelled in Math, but struggled in any course requiring the writing of essays (English, History, Psychology, etc.). That did not mean he lacked intelligence, either.

No. Grade doesn't show about intelligence.