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Why is our culture today so phony?

I always look to the past for any sort of quality, be it: music, art, film, even architecture and personality. Today we have people like: One Direction, Sam Smith, Katy Perry. Back in the day you had to be good to get people's attention, you had to be genuine; people had to have talent to make it back in the day. And im 26 myself, im fed up turning on the radio and hearing the same old crap by mr i assume im cool, or miss i think im great just because im a woman, they have this sense of entitlement and self congratulating attitude and they really equate quality with winning awards, haha, oh man how naive can you get. Orson Welles vs Ryan Reynolds, Peter O' Toole vs Jonah Hill, Oliver Reed vs Ben Afflicted ha ******* ha. To be fair though, there are of course good bands and actors and other sorts of artist's around today, but not many, not many at all. Tom Hardy, he's good and i suppose Jennifer Lawrence is popular and all, but i still struggle to see what's so great about her acting, she seems plain to me, i like her personality though. And just the average people, all dressing the same, same shoes, same way of talking and bad manners and just not cool at all, naive about actually being cool, they don't know what it is. For me, older people are really the cool ones, far cooler than my generation: the Grateful Dead, the Doors, Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Donovan. We live in a toilet culture.

Because Holden Caufield said so?

Because it lies in the power of Satan. Satan is a liar and a false spirit and so are those who do his bidding for fortune and fame, they are phony and false just like their master. He knows most of the new generation and culture will follow because they are blind and most have never being taught by their parents the truth of this life, so they follow blindly the culture of the wicked.

I think you need to go back and look at history. Great artists are literally 1 in a million. There is so much trash you haven't slogged through. All of what you see as phony today existed then too; and most of it was forgotten which is why it doesn't stand out.

If your radio bothers you so much, connect your phone to your car and bump tunes you like.

Why because everyone wants to be different yet treated the same.

look at schools. there is no more winning they all get the same ribbon this doesn't teach coping skills when you don't get what your want.

greed and sexisum has always been there even when the doors were big. I mean ask janis joplin how many people she screwed to move up in the business. if phones were back then she wouldn't of did teh me too stuff.

it was an acceptable part of our world. however as older as the world gets the more one sided it will be because we don't teach acceptences. you my friend could learn a dose of that your self. judging others for things you don't like. those people you named i don't know who they are i'm sorry. i don't care to follow with bandwagon treads so i can't speak on their talent nor would it bcuase thats my business.

so what is wrong with out cutlure people indirectly insulting others for what they like. (sort of what your doing)

Everyday when you’re walking down the street

During the 50's--through the 70's: Talent scouts and music label A&R people sought pure TALENT from our iconic beloved celebrities--who back then delivered the goods; they rarely needed HYPE to attract appreciative audiences.

But those same music label A & R guys and talent scouts, like we all sooner or later, aged and retired off---they "handed the car keys" to the ALTERNATIVE "lost" generation; to this day, we live and re-live the awful nightmare.

"Celebrities" today RELY ON HYPE because they have ZERO talent!! And there's a new "celebrity" getting out of some ( male OR FEMALE ) producer's bed every passing day / week; it really is challenging to know who IS famous or infamous.

On a recent flight to Los Angeles, I sat next to a pretty young woman---and didn't know she was some "successful" pop singer, until I was later told so by a fellow passenger; I still don't remember her name.

But yeah: We have corporalized the TV, Film, music and print media markets in America---and flooded them ALL with equally phony Political Correctness: It really is "not who you know---but who you either blow or lick off". Talent and hard honest work are dead in Hollywood and Nashville.

Because of the catcher in the rye :)

it's been hijacked by the politically correct liberals.

There was once a time when bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and musicians and singers such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix and Jose Feliciano were thought of as a plague of crap music taking over the tastes of teenagers and the beautiful music of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and the music of the Big Band era was forgotten by the new young generation.
Now a lot of people in their 6th decade of life are aging hippies and people who were part of the 1960s or who grew up in the 1960s and they are wondering how the talent-less singers and musicians of the past 2 decades ever became famous.

Our culture has always been phony that is paramount with all mainstream culture. Don't let it get you down instead focus on your own passions and dare to be different. Understand that in doing that you will no longer be affected by what "society" deems acceptable so get rid of those shackles!