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Why is our culture today so phony?

I always look to the past for any sort of quality, be it: music, art, film, even architecture and personality. Today we have people like: One Direction, Sam Smith, Katy Perry. Back in the day you had to be good to get people's attention, you had to be genuine; people had to have talent to make it back in the day. And im 26 myself, im fed up turning on the radio and hearing the same old crap by mr i assume im cool, or miss i think im great just because im a woman, they have this sense of entitlement and self congratulating attitude and they really equate quality with winning awards, haha, oh man how naive can you get. Orson Welles vs Ryan Reynolds, Peter O' Toole vs Jonah Hill, Oliver Reed vs Ben Afflicted ha ******* ha. To be fair though, there are of course good bands and actors and other sorts of artist's around today, but not many, not many at all. Tom Hardy, he's good and i suppose Jennifer Lawrence is popular and all, but i still struggle to see what's so great about her acting, she seems plain to me, i like her personality though. And just the average people, all dressing the same, same shoes, same way of talking and bad manners and just not cool at all, naive about actually being cool, they don't know what it is. For me, older people are really the cool ones, far cooler than my generation: the Grateful Dead, the Doors, Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Donovan. We live in a toilet culture.

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