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Why is modern country music so terrible?

I think the last great country songs were sung in 2010. After that the whole thing went to hell. And I am not speaking out because I want to complain, I just simply want to know why. Why is modern country music so terrible? Why does all the modern country talk about getting naked and drinking beer? Throw in a few cheesy rap-like beats and fast talkers who can't sing and get some pop station to sponsor you then apparently you have "country music".

Personally, I do not think It is even music. You are taking the soul and goodness out of what is suppose to be an easy song that everyone will like immediately. A good rhythm and a good voice along with a good meaning makes a good country song. You can't expect some pop lover so come out of the blue and start mumbling nonsense into a microphone and expect to be anything. It just doesn't work.

Let me give an example, shall I?

George Strait- has 33 number 1 song hits (the most number 1 hits in country history) What did he sing? Nothing but good country that is instantly relatable and gives a chill down your spine because it's that good.

Now lets look at Luke Bryan. Does he have any number 1 hits? Nope. Only trashy songs that talk about stripping and having sex and drinking and having parties. Disgraceful. It's pop nonsense as well which just makes me gag with eternal sickness.

So why is modern country terrible having presented my facts? They don't lie after all,Modern country music is crap.

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