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Am i bi or pansexual?

Im a young women who is (at the moment straight). Ive only dated guys but i have hooked up with girls before. Ive always been open minded bc ive never been in love with a girl before but if i did i would completely accept myself as bi. However my new crush is a trans girl who identifies himself as a guy. So i was wondering if im bi or pansexual?


IS that where you put out for pizza?

how can a trans girl identify as a man? that doesn’t make any sense.

your crush is a trans girl who identifies as a guy.
You are confused. If this person identifies as a guy, then he is a transman.
That would still be a straight relationship.

You're a young woman

If your body gets sexually excited by boys and girls, you are bisexual.

Ultimately, what you choose to call yourself is only useful for children who want to compare their experience with each other, and develop a sense of belonging with some non-existent "club" of schoolmates who have chosen the same label for themselves. It serves no other purpose, (aside from providing a shortcut to the sort of porn websites you prefer).

It's more to the point to simply investigate the potential relationships that interest or attract you, no matter who - or what - the other person is...and not worry about what to call yourself. (It's not like you have to put down your sexuality on some government form before you kiss somebody.)