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Men vs. women, who are more likely to be transgender?



I would say women because dikes like to act manly or act like they’re a “man” when they’re just a scrawny little stupid woman. That’s annoying to me but I just stay away from them.

Society has not placed the same negative connotations on a alpha female that it does on a beta male. So the F/M is often not pursued. However of late the transgender stories getting the headlines often are about a F/M person.
Often the female to male just "passes" and does nothing to change the plumbing. What is a militant Feminist any way but some one who is being alpha female and has no desire to have a penis.

there is more trans women in the media and spot light at the moment, but there is no actual data saying there are more of them in this world. there’s no way to tell at the moment!

Some would say that women who were assigned male at birth, transgender women in other words, are more likely to be transgender, however I'm not too sure what the statistics are on this, & thus I'm not too sure whether they are accurate.




It's seems to be 50-50.

Seems like there are way more transwomen -.-