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What mobile phone do you think will be perfect for me?

I currently have the Iphone 5s and I like it but I've had it for 5 years now and its a bit mashed up....

I like that it's small and I am looking for a phone that is the same size as this but with a good quality camera and video.

Can anyone recommend something similar to this or if there is another Apple phone out that also has the features I am looking for?

Thank you

PS - Where can I buy cheap phones?

iphone 3g

I would recommend an iPhone 7 plus or the Samsung s7 edge (which is what I would go for). They have great prices because of the market and is definitely going to be a big software improvement to the 5s.

Hope this helps

I think you can buy the latest model of Samsung hand phone

I have had the same phone for 6 years and Alhamdullilah it's still in good condition. It's not anything special either, just calls and texts as I need them as well as scheduling. Very simple.

Prophet Muhammad (sallahallahu alaihi wasalam) said that the believers do not live in luxury. The delights of this world do not impress me,, they are temporary enjoyments.

and I look upon people who are continually, on a yearly basis, buying new phones, spending hundreds of dollars, etc even though their old phone is perfectly fine. Although if your phone is mashed up then I would consider taking better care of it and perhaps buying another phone similar to it and to avoid buying one of the newer and more expensive models. Obviously there are deals that are out where you can get one of those newer models as well though so there's nothing wrong with that.

Believers should not buy Apple products especially iPhones, due being inferior products technologically-speaking & exorbitantly priced. Clearly marketed for dimwit disbelievers.

My ruling on Apple products currently is: Makrooh/Disliked. There are other expensive phones, like the Note 8 BUT you actually get a superior product that justifies the price.

i also had an iphone5s for years , just recently dumped that rubbish cause it was laggy and couldnt work anymore . wouldnt hold a charge , kept dying in the cold

i recommend switching to android phones cause they are cheaper and better OS

All you need is a cheap Motorola flip phone for making phone calls or texting
No one needs a smart phone

Samsung S7 Edge

Grow up and get an Android