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Ghost flatmate?

I’ve been sharing a flat for the past 6 months with 5 people from different colleges. There’s this girl which i refer to as a “ghost” because we rarely ever see her. All I know is that she studies medicine. I have seen her a couple of times (for the past 6 months) coming back from college late at night but sometimes i dont see her for weeks. We share a kitchen but we have never seen her in there. We are left with many questions on our minds. We wonder if she hates us or she is just shy and anti social?

...or perhaps she is busy studying.

As long as she's paying her share, where she is and what she's doing, or thinking, isn't any of your business, is it?

My guess is she's putting in a lot of hours at school and often sleeps at the home of a romantic interest or a friend. Which is her prerogative, right? You're not the roommate police.

That's a huge conclusion to jump to, the hate thing. She's simply busy because medical programmes are like that, and as stated, she's probably sleeping with someone and/or regularly sleeping and eating closer to her classes/internship. She's also being sensible and making sure that she has a room to call her own. If she hated y'all she'd have used her medical expertise on you by now.

Why don't you leave a note asking if she's up for watching a film with a bottle of wine some night as you've never had a chance to get to know each other. Ask her if there's a good time. You might be pleasantly surprised.