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What type of bank is the bank of america?

a bad one, go to a credit union, they take the money they make off of holding on to your money and keeping it safe, and put it back into the community with scholarships, grants, school funds, helping the citys/towns upgrade. It stays in the community.

The word "type" is either category, features, or service and customer ratings. There are credit unions, local and state limited savings banks, and commercial banks. B of A is a large commercial bank with many services, many branches, international banking relationships. By total assets in the USA, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., Citigroup Inc. are the top four. By number of branches September 30 2017, 6,048 Wells Fargo, 5,289 JPMorgan Chase, 4,634 Bank of America, 3,166 U.S. Bank, ... 718 Citibank

By services, their savings accounts pay very little interest. They offer various account types, and have a huge number of bank owned ATMs around the USA in many convenient places to avoid cash withdrawal fees. They have advanced online account records. They offer mobile banking, automated bill paying, credit cards with rebates. They have some international banking relationships to use ATMs in other countries with no fees and low currency fees. They offer stock brokerage services. They have a wide array of lending. However, they tend to be very strict on the rules of agreements you sign. They have many fees for different events such as a double overdraft fee as one for going over and one more for not clearing it quickly. Bank of America is for people who manage their account(s) carefully and want their services. Excellent for global travelers and global business people, they have partnerships with Barclays United Kingdom, ABSA (South Africa), BNP Paribas (France), BNL D'Italia (Italy), Deutsche Bank (Germany and Spain), UkrSibbank (Ukraine), TEB (Turkey), Scotiabank (Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Caribbean countries), Westpac Bank (Australia and New Zealand), China Construction Bank (Mainland China, excluding Hong Kong). They are a bank with very many services, but people need to avoid making mistakes with them because they tend to be difficult to work with in errors. I learned that their central customer service has far more authority and flexibility than local branches.

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