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Do you think Donald Trump is doing a great job as our President?


President Trump is the best president we have ever had. He is cleaning up the mess of Obama, Bush, and Clinton, the three worst presidents our country has ever seen. I love hearing about all the great work and accomplishments Trump has done and is doing for our country. I never felt that about Bush or Obama, the only thing I felt was dread during their presidencies. Trump has a list of things and he is checking them off, he is pushing Congress to reform, he is weaseling out the bad rat Democrats trying to ruin our country by being greedy. I really hope he still has time to sleep and spend time with Melania and Barron, though. I really hope he runs again in 2020 cause I’ll vote for him again and it won’t be like Obama cause nobody wanted Romney as president and the hype for Obama was still around. I also can’t wait for the wall to built.

I say yes

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He makes me cringe, more than Bush ever did - despite the wars. Is he doing a 'great' job as your president, If you are happy then for you, yes.


He is doing well so far Economy is Up unemployment is down he is Listening to the people By Banning people from terrorist countries and is still going to do something about the Illegals from Mexico



I used to think nobody could be worse than bush , but trump is proving me wrong .