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Poll: Buy/order a pizza or make it yourself?

I've made a basic pizza where I would mix some anchovies with the pizza sauce, and the rest of the anchovy filets roughly torn by hand and dot the surface of the pizza with the pieces. I've yet to try making a "combination" pizza.

order because they've already made is so it tastes good and plus im way to lazy to make it myself

I prefer to make it myself, but sometimes I just don't want to take the time or be bothered.

Make it yourself


I love making pizza at home but it takes a lot of prep time

I like to buy if I have extra money, but I like both to I don't mine stove pizza :)

In summer-buy
In winter snowed in at least I make my own crust cuz I always have yeast flour oil and water, sauce, and improvise toppings.

Depends I But I would just order


I do it myself.