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Boyfriend is spending my parents money without consent?

My mom gave me her credit card for me to use while being away from home. My bf on the other hand got the credit card and started swiping crazy on the Internet. He ended up spending thousands of dollars. I did not even know what he bought until boxes after boxes coming into our apartment. He said he had the right to spend my mom's money because she owed him and it is for revenge. Not exactly, because we are in our mid 20s, parents don't need to give us money anymore. As a result, whatever he is doing is literally stealing money from my parents. My parents don't think I am safe because they think this guy is revengeful and a thief. What should I do?

Bf is a user. He is STEALING from your parents. Have mom immediately report the card as stolen so the charges do not come back on her and LEAVE HIM yesterday. Mom gets a new card with a new number and password. The other card is now dead. and lights up as STOLEN and they catch him when he tries and uses it.
Mom did an error and gave the CC to you(that is a big NO,NO) Cash would have been safer.
He stole it from YOU. He is making unauthorized purchases with it because you did not agree to it so essentially he is stealing money from your family. He is not part of the family. He is just a Friend who is a boy.

If this is indeed true, your boyfriend has committed several crimes. He's using a stolen credit card (thievery) and he's stealing money from your parents via a credit-card (identity theft). Depending on how much he's charged- he may be committing grand larceny. Have your parents call the credit card company and report the card stolen. They need to freeze their credit account so he can't sign up for any more credit. Return the merchandise to the stores so your parents can get credit. This guy needs to go. Evict him from your apartment. If he won't go, you should. Get away from this jerk. You may be called upon to testify against this guy.

Move out now. I mean log out, pack your stuff, call your parents and get out NOW.

He is financially abusing you and your parents. This guy is more than a loser and more than a thief and just by being with him you are implicated in his behavior.

And I agree that your parents should file fraud charges against him - if you don’t move out, you will be implicated in those charges because he had access to that credit card through you.

I’ll say it again, log out, pack up, and move, immediately. Or even better, wait til he is not there to do it. Leave NOTHING behind, you’ll never see it again.

Oh, and while you are heading for the door, take photos of all the great stuff he bought fraudulently with your folks credit card. They’ll want that for their fraud lawsuit.

If you don’t leave immediately, it is the absolute apex of stupidity. This guy is going to go to jail sooner or later - don’t be a part of that. And make better choices about men next time.

Dump the THIEF, call the police and see if there is any legal action you can take against him, move out.

He's a criminal..

What s Jackie... leave this noob.

Step #1: Run away.
Step #2: Tell your parents.
Step #3: Call the police.

You shouldn't have to ask what you should do, you should know. Call your parents tell them what is going on, tell them to cancel the credit card right away. Move out, You can also be held responsible for what he is doing if you are living with him.

1. Call the credit card for illegal transactions ( if you have any brains you won't say ANYTHING about it being your boyfriend).
2. Call the police.
3. get away from there.( if you are stupid enough to hang around if the cops show up you will likely be charged too)

Firstly you get that credit card off him and then you pack up and leave because your parents are right about him. Why do women stay with such low lives? He is stealing your parents money by using the card and spending as much as he can before they realise it and cancel the card. The guy is a thief trying to justify his using the card wildly by blaming your parents and making you believe he has the right to disrespect them.
Cant you find a decent guy who has morals and decency and have to resort to being the boyfriend of a low life like this guy. Why do so many women live with guys who use their girlfriends or beat them up. There are a huge number of decent guys in the world yet these decent guys are overlooked as boyfriend material in favour of bad boy low lifes. This is only get worse if you continue to stay with him. Does he even have a job? It sounds like he is the sort of guy who believes the world owes him so he can just take whatever he wants instead of earning it.
All he sees you as is easy sex and someone to clean his house, likely not much more than a sex slave. Give him an ultimatum to either pay back the credit card money and get a job or you are out of there. My guess is he will abuse you as you are threatening the freeloading lifestyle you family has been supporting. Real live is respect and understanding for each other and this guy does not respect you. You are being used and will continue to be used for as long as you are allowed.
You can go to the police if he refuses to pay back the credit card debt as it appears as so he has taken it without consent and is definitely using it without the owners consent. There are laws against this sort of theft and you are standing by and watching him rob your parents. They are right to be concerned about you living with this guy as he will drag you down with him if you stay with him. Find a nice decent guy. They may not be as exciting as this guy but that is because they have morals and the belief that they have to pay their own way through life and not use females as a sex toy and steal their parents credit card and buy all they can before it maxes out or your parents cancel it. Wake up woman as you are living with a thief and a loser. Is that what you want the children you have in the future to have as a role model of a father. Find a real man as this one may be good in bed but he is rotten all the way through for everything else.