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How did your life change after your mother passed away?

She lived with me for 5 years after my father died. She had Parkinson's disease so she needed a lot of care. So my life became very different when she died last Easter. Easier in many ways but much emptier.

I stoped drinking the wome drove me nuts.

She stopped emotionally and physically abusing me and left me $250,000.

My mother is still alive at almost 90 she is more active than I am. We talk about 3 times a week on the phone but I have not seen her for a few years.

I lost a friend as well as my Mom. She had more energy than anyone that I know to this day. I still miss her enthusiasm and zest for life. In a strange way I thought I lost a part of myself when She passed away. But that was a long time ago and I am happy with memories of Her and hope to keep her alive by not taking myself too seriously.

I've had a genuine emptiness inside.

I always want to ask her things, and tell her things.

She made several types of delicious food that I've never seen anywhere nearby. I can't go to Europe (from USA) where it still exists, just to get some.

She is alive.

Honestly I thank god for my mum every single day. When she is ill I worry myself sick. I love my mother. She’s my universe. She takes care of me when I’m sick she loves me. She sacrificed everything for me. I pray she lives longer then me. I never want to see my beautiful mum go. I always pray my mother gets paradise & all the things she could get in this world. I love her so much. No words could express how much I love my mother.

I stopped getting her groceries and going there.

my mother passed away four years ago due to breast cancer and it was very sudden and it hit me very hard and it still does too this very day