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Why does Trump no longer say that Mexico is going to pay for the wall?

A lot of people voted for him because of this, they took what he said at face value. Is he now turning on his word?

He is once again, conning the American public.
First, he wants to tack on the expense for the border wall onto any piece of legislation dealing with immigration.
And then he wants to place tariffs on Mexican goods.....which will be added to the cost of those goods and Americans will end up paying for the wall anyway.

Don't recall who wrote this, but it's a fact that at one point in his career, Trump performed as a professional wrestler on TV. In other words, he took part in a sport that most fans realize is fake, but that they enjoy anyway because it's entertaining. Also, pro wrestling fans tend to like wrestlers who pretend to stand for their own values -- the populist hero wrestler against the cartoon banker wrestler, the 100% all-American hero wrestler against another wrestler pretending to be a jihadist terrorist, etc.

What's probably true about many of Trump's supporters is that they never believed he would literally force Mexico to pay for the wall. They knew at some level that this was a fake promise, but they loved it anyway because it reflected their values & wishes and because it was entertaining.

From this perspective, Trump's promise to make Mexico pay for the wall was always Reality TV, something he said for its entertainment value, even though almost everybody realized it was fake.

Now Trump wants to force the Democrats to let the taxpayers pay for the wall, again partly for the entertainment value. It makes for good television. And this Reality TV show featuring the Democrats is just as good for Trump's purpose as the old Reality TV show about making Mexico come up with the money.

-- democratic socialist

it is obvious now that mexico wont pay for the wall

He pulled the old "bait and switch" on all the trump chumps who voted for him and now they're going to be paying the bill, along with the rest of us. Thanks a lot, trump chumps...your pornstar-porking POTUS tips his MAGA cap to you for your "patriotism", not to mention your gullibility... LOL

He will cut the $320m the US provides to Mexico, so no money needs to change hands. The funds will be redirected to the wall construction industry. That buys a lot of bricks.

He could make them pay in a way. We could pass something
imposing high taxes on anything, including money sent to mexico
in any way including regular mail.

We could indirectly cut monetary help for Mexico and stop being Mexico's Welfare system

Let’s say he keeps his promise and presents Mexico with a bill for the work. Let’s further suppose that Mexico agrees to pay it. (Haha) How will they get the money? It will come from an extra tax they lace on items they export to the United States, so we end up with higher costs on those things; mostly food by the way.


He said they will pay and he's said how. That's why we're renegotiating NAFTA. We've already enacted tariffs on goods coming from there. It's one of the reasons GM is leaving Mexico.