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I have an epson stylus dx4000 printer that will only print in black whats wrong?

Make sure the printing isn’t set to grayscale. If it isn’t then most likely the print heads are blocked. It won’t be caused by an empty ink cartridge, most printers will stop printing completely to prevent the head drying out in such cases.

Try a head clean/purge. Instructions on how to do this will be in the maintenance section. If no better after a head clean then the printing head needs replacing. For domestic printers it is usually cheaper to buy a new printer.

I don't know anything specific about that printer. I am just going to offer a few suggestions based on my experience with other printers.

1. Check your settings on the computer....when you select something to print, does your printer options have a section to specify color or black printing. That may need changed

2. Are you sure there is ink in the color cartridges. When an ink cartridge is empty, the printer will use whatever is available.

3. If there is ink in the cartridges, has the contact surface become plugged? If the printer isn't used very often, the ink can dry on the surface making it hard to impossible for the ink to come out. Taking the cartridge out and putting it back in can sometimes fix that issue.

Like I said, I don't know your specific printer and I am only offering suggestions based on things I have done to fix other printers with a similar problem.

With most printers, you are required and need to have ink in both the black and color ink cartridges in order to print in black and colors as well. As color ink is needed in this process. They work in conjunction with each other. So you will need to have the both usable color and black ink cartridges with ink, the same thing applies for color. This is to ensure the life of the print head and maintain premium print quality. If the unit were to continue printing, print jobs and cleaning cycles would suck air from the empty cartridge and damage the print head.

you might have ticked the box that says use black only. to check and set your preferences, go to the control panel and right click the DEFAULT printer and choose printing preferences and make sure you have full colour set.