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Who's wrong on this situation?

ok let's just say... hypothetically

if a kid has to sleep with their parents
because they're the youngest kid the parents have, and the kid doesn't have their own bedroom, not even a mattress to sleep.

And the parents have sex
while the kid is sleeping, but one night during the act, the kid wakes up,
but doesn't do anything, but
this keep happening every single night.
and when the kid confronts their parents about it,
Would the parents have the right to be mad at the kid???

and how would the kid be able to forget the trauma????

this is hipotetical, it didn't happen to a friend of mine.

i'm just asking

The parents because first of all they shouldn't be sharing a room with their parents, they should be sharing one with one of their siblings and the parents should not be having sex infront of their child because children copy what they see so if they see you having sex then more then likely they'll try to do the same thing with another child.

The parents should focus on trying to work and get another bed for their child instead of procreating to possibly bring another child into that sad life. But that is none of my business...

Just make em into men

I have lived in a one room cabin with my wife and 5 children. Obviously the only privacy that exists is darkness or a cover. sometimes if a child awakes, you do not make a big deal of it but finish your business, other times you stop what you are doing and tend to the child but again, do not make a big deal of it.
The child does not know what is going on. They have no frame of reference because they are not yet having sexual feelings. What you accept as normal, the child will accept as normal and no harm is done. My children are all now grandparents and they do not seem to have been harmed by the years we spent on that homestead long ago.
The modern concept of privacy did not exist as little as 50 years ago.

The parents should know better and exercise better self-control. Those parents have serious issues and that should be considered a form of child sexual abuse. That's sick.

the child should have joined in


how old are you ?

I think I would consider that child abuse.

Um why does the poor kid have no bedroom and you do?? Isn't that a bit harsh, and if the kid has no bedroom I'm assuming they have no bed? So i'm also assuming your having trouble financially, why don't you just save up to buy the kid a bed , and just don't have sex until you buy them a bed, i'm pretty sure you can last a few months or so not having sex lol