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How do I help my Fiance with his abusive and manipulative child s mother?

My fiance and I have been together for awhile. Half a year before we met he found out that his ex girlfriend ( he had an abusive and toxic relationship with) was 7 months pregnant with his son. He had taken full responsibility for the child and then found out that she had had multiple partners between the time that him and her were broken up and when they were together. On top of the situation she was sleeping with multiple men while pregnant. Needless to say he wanted a paternity test and she decided in the mean time to file for full custody and only allow supervised visitation by her and her mother. Unfortunately, the results for the paternity test took 5 months, so that is 5 months out of his childs life that he missed out on. Plus, she never includes or lets him go to doctor appointments and never told him when she was in labor. He tries to see him every sunday and throughout the week, but she ignores him. Then accuses him of being a horrible father for not "being around . I have been very supportive through out the whole thing even though she has been very nasty to me and my fiances mother. I have invited her and her man over for dinner and she refuses to have anything to do with me. My fiance absolutely dreads going to her place to see his son. She tends to start arguments and has tried to get him to give up his rights.We just want to be civil and us all to get along. Because that is what is best for their son. Not sure what else to do but court. Any suggestions?

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